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How to Bake a Batch of Braids

August 24, 2009

A feast for your scalp! This fool-proof recipe will provide you with a bountiful, braided head of hair!

Yield: about 150 braids
Approximate braiding time: 10 hours


1 confused/transitioning head of hair
1 Ifeoma, the master braidista, natural supporter, and friend
5 bags of RastAfri hair (color selection will to be determined by mood of shopper, availability, and what she had last set of braids)
8 combs of various sizes
2 pillows to sit on
8 movements of a hip hop symphony
4 different styles of animation woven into one amazing film
8 pages transcribed for “Interview with Nana” blog posting (coming soon!)
2 Men in Black (plus accompanying music video)
40 powers of ten
19 minutes of hearing how schools kill creativity
6 bathroom breaks
8 gallons of patience
Witty Conversation throughout to taste

Cooking Directions

Before getting started, make sure hair is clean, dry, and well-conditioned. With Ifeoma sitting in chair, have Cassidy sit on the floor in front of her. Begin at the back of the head and make small parts through the hair in about 1″ squares. Braid each square by adding in a piece of synthetic hair to achieve desired length. Continue in this fashion until all hair is neatly woven into tight little braids.

Braid the braids into 6 larger braids and dip into boiling water. This will give finished style a wavy/curly effect.

***I also want to give a massive shout out to Ifeoma. Without her none of this would be happening. As an all-natural woman herself, she has been one of the most supportive in my quest to go natural: from fielding my anxiety-ridden phone calls/text messages at all hours of the day, to spending precious hours taming my head of hair while listening to everything from my dorky musings to my mediocre Pandora stations. Thaaaank you!***

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