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Hair Brained

October 1, 2009

A term typically used to describe the seemingly stupid and senseless behavior of hares during the mating season that I would like to appropriate to describe my own strange behavior as of late.

Basically, I have a staring problem. I know. It’s kind of an issue.

As I learn more about natural hair, continue to talk with people, and write this blog, I find myself stealing more than a glance at what people have perched on top of their heads. It’s been dangerous, its been embarrassing, but most importantly, its been oh so fun. Yesterday I had to ask a sales woman to repeat herself after my eyes and mind wandered to her head and off to play the always-fun game of “Weave-or-Real?”. Followed by nearly biking myself into a parked car when I saw a truly beautiful free-flowing bounty of natural curls.

I saw a gawky, but hip teenage couple walking down the street and wanted to run after them to tell her girl that I really liked her Side Hawk! (In this case, natural black hair pulled into probably 3 vertical pony tails on the right side of her head). I checked myself before appearing too creepy. This happens about 1-5 times a day. Eventually something’s going to give. And I will have *quite* the story to tell on this blog.

I’ve even begun to apply things I’ve learned on this Natural Selection adventure. For example, thanks to the interweb, my eyes have been opened to hair typing: the controversial art categorizing curl patterns. I’ve learned that a #2 isn’t a pencil, but resembles more the loose waves of J.Lo; that 3’s come in different spiraled flavors: A, B, and C; and that some folks have z-shaped hair patterns which fall into the category of 4. (check out this LINK for a break down of all these types)

I don’t like to judge or stereotype based on appearances and I won’t either. I think hair typing should be used as a general guide to understanding the fact that there so many types of hair and curls exist out there, not for pigeonholing, besides, its not rare that one person will have 3 different “types” of hair.

That said, I WILL do a thorough check-out and analysis of your strands if you are anywhere within a 10-foot radius of me. And the rest of your posse too. I just can’t help myself.

I guess that’s what happens when I have braids: I have so little to worry about in terms of my own coif that my eyes and brain are completely free to be occupied with the hair of everyone else. (And How!). These braids of mine have about one month to go. Consider yourselves warned….


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