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A New Home Sweet Home

January 29, 2010

AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhHHHHHhHhhhHhHHHHHhhHHHHHHHHhHhhhhhhH!!!… know the feeling. the one you get after a long day of moving: lugging box after box, climbing up and down the stairs, unpacking heavy books, putting things in their places, and returning that obnoxiously cumbersome u-haul. finally, you get to sit down on the couch and look around, wallow in your accomplishment and breath the sweetest sigh of relief….ahhhhhh: *home*

welp. thats how it feels to move into a new blog space! after a day of migrating content, designing a new layout, editing jumps, changing links, and toying with (read: learning) CSS code, Natural Selection is all moved into its new home!

sure there’s a couple tweaks to make and what’s a move without a trip to Ikea to make sure everything is neat and put away, but that’s the beauty of a blog: it’s ever changing, growing, and evolving.

…..these walls can talk and they sure have a lot to say….

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  1. January 30, 2010 2:04 am

    love the new home…the header is dope!!! colour selection so retro!! best

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