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precipitation + hydration

April 4, 2010

Little did I know when I woke up this morning, thirsty and parched, that water would play the starring role in my adventures of today.  I began my day with several glasses of water to replenish my dehydrated system and noticed that Lola was feeling a bit thirsty, so I hopped in the shower to get her all the h20+conditioner moisture she was in need of.  It really is fascinating how water will really bring my frizzy and dry curls right back to a shiny and moisturized state!

A few hours later, it began to rain.  And rained some more.  And just keep on raining.  So I did what any normal girl would do: crawled into bed with a book and enjoyed the rain from the comfort of my own dry indoor nest.  As a San Franciscan, I’m pretty used to the rain, but I’m also used to spending these work-free days enjoying sunshine and picnics rather than being stuck inside.  As a San Franciscan I also know that to survive the rainy winters, you have to be prepared with adequate rain gear: umbrella, rain boots, rain coat, rain pants, etc.  And as a natural, I am no longer worried about getting my hair wet between salon appointments. So when my roommate suggested to a group of friends hanging out around the house that we venture out into the rain on bikes and go 1. to REI to check out their used gear sale and 2. go play with the newly released iPads, I was totally game.  We geared up, got on our bikes, and set out in the pouring rain.  Now the one thing that is truly miserable about biking in the rain is that water  and mud will shoot off of your back tire and up your back leaving a large brown streak.  Words cannot describe how terrible this looks for obvious reasons.  The one way to prevent it is the use a bike fender, aka THE ONE PIECE OF RAINGEAR I DO NOT OWN, but was totally planning on getting at REI.

And a fender I did acquire.  As well as a new sleeping bag, bike lights, AND pretty pink new Kleen Kanteen.  I love having a reusable waterbottle around because staying hydrated is one of the most important parts of staying healthy, especially maintaining a healthy head of hair.  In addition,  I make sure to hydrate Lola every day by using a spray bottle filled with water, essential oils, aloe vera gel, and a little bit of conditioner to make sure that she gets the moisture she needs too.  And on rainy days like today, Lola is especially happy because of all the moisture in the air.  I always make sure to use products with humectants on these days because they attract water from the atmosphere around and into the hair shaft.

Then the newly-fendered bike posse (yes, all of us bought fenders) set out for the Apple store to check out the new magical glowing rectangle called the iPad.  After patiently waiting in line for a few minutes, I finally got to get my paws on the thing.  It’s slick, shiny, and it let me play RockBand.  Sold.  Except, I’m totally not sold.  I don’t think I have the need for one of them in my life, but it  is cool to play with for a few minutes in the store and be on the same page as everyone else in this technologically super-savvy city.

All in all, it was a fantastic urban adventure.  I kept thinking the whole time about how two years ago, I would have rejected my roommate’s suggestion to go on said adventure without hesitation.  Why?  Because of my hair.  I NEVER would have willingly gone out into the pouring rain with relaxed hair for fear that it would lose is painstakingly straightened style.  Not only am I not afraid of getting my hair wet these days, but I find it absolutely refreshing that my hair LOVES water and lots of it.  The novelty of hopping in the shower without a shower cap or worry-free biking in the rain has not at all worn off.  I leave you now with one of my favorite songs, appropriately features water as its main theme: “Chove Chuva” by Jorge Ben (translation: it’s raining rain) 

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