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Hello, June! Hello, New Series!

June 1, 2010

Not only is it the first of the month today, it’s the first day of my favorite month.  June is filled with wonderful things from start to finish: always a lot of  picnics, weddings, graduations, barbeques, the official beginning of summer, consistently awesome weather, annnnd MY BIRTHDAY!  My birthday is in the first week of June (June 7th to be exact), however, I have the tendency to celebrate it for a full 30 days.  And proud of it too.

and wheeee!

Yes, there will the the usual gathering with friends, family, cake and candles, but this year, with the turn of the decade, is my turn of a quarter century, thus there will be a lot of events and celebration between June 1st and June 30th…a lot of Pomp and Circumstance, if you will.  While most of these things will be occurring on the ground here in the Bay Area, I certainly don’t want to leave this blog out of getting down with the get down.

So for this month, I’ll be launching a series called “Pomp and Curlstance”, in which we will be meeting and greeting and celebrating other awesome curly heads out there across the country.  I was inspired to do this series after many a-conversation with curly-headed friends of all different ethnicities/nationalities/backgrounds/genders and realized that no matter what the curl type and hair texture, we’ve all basically gone through the same quest of learning how to make our curls thrive!  But while each of us has gone through similar experiences, each story is unique and I want to take the time to celebrate not only our likenesses, but our differences.

If you are interested in being featured, email me at  We will be kicking off the series this week, so get excited for the first feature in the next couple days and a fun month of Pomp and Curlstance!

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