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What about Lola?

June 25, 2010

I know.  What. About. Lola, the starlette of this blog?  I realized that I haven’t written about Lola in a hot minute.  Why?  Well, I’ve just been letting Lola do her thang in a wash’n’go and keeping my routine consistent with a 1x/week deep treatment, nightly satin cap, and spritz and shake in the morning.  I’ve been really digging aloe vera gel recently and have added it to my water spritz for the morning just to give Lola an extra dose of moisture.  Lola’s also continuing her passionate love affair with Aubrey Organics’ GPB Conditioner.  If loving this stuff is wrong, she don’t wanna be right!

So pretty simple stuff, nothing too exciting going on.  Well, except this twist out a couple weeks ago:

And for my dance performances in Mission in the  Mix in which Lola has been costumed in a fro-hawk.

I DID recently stumble onto a picture last night that is a true testament to how important it is to have a consistent regiment.  Check out this now and then:

Last November 2009, right after the big chop
June 5th 2010- 6 months post Big Chop

2 Weeks Ago

(Had to use pictures with Fidel so you can tell how big my hair is getting in relation to his head.)  Long story short,  there’s a lot of growth that’s been going on and its pretty cool to see!

So that’s what’s going with Lola.  She’s happy, healthy, and growing!

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