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Time to Travel

July 12, 2010

It has been awhile since I’ve left the temperate wonderland of Northern California, but the time has come for me to once again pack my bags and hit the road.  Generally I’m super jazzed to go explore, visit, and experience new places, but I’m starting to feel, once again, like this girl:


Why?  Well, I’ve really come to take for granted that the Bay Area, and my home city of San Francisco in particular, is pretty much the ideal place to have natural hair in terms of climate.  It’s never too hot, it’s never too cold, it’s not too dry, and there’s a healthy (but not overwhelming) amount of moisture in the air; Lola is thriving in this Mediterranean climate (of which there are only six in the world)!  I can definitively say that it is *delightful* to be a Bay Area natural.

Many products will work better in certain climates than others because of their use of glycerin.  Glycerin is a humectant, which means that it attracts water.  In dry climates it will pull the water from your hair leaving you with super dry strands and in super humid areas it will grab TOO much water from the air leaving you with a frizz ball.  (Or so I hear, hence the apprehension….)  It’s the perfect ingredient to use minimally here in on the Bay Area coastline because it captures just enough moisture in the air to keep my curls soft and hydrated.

But we’re leaving that coast and I’ve gotta recalibrate my frotation for these travels.

In the near future I will be spending a couple of days traveling for work in very dry, hot portions of California where I know that it will be a struggle to for Lola (and my entire body) to retain moisture.  Good ol’ Fidelito made the sage suggestion (as I was slightly tweeking out over lunch about this issue), that I tote around one of my spritz bottles with water, conditioner, and aloe vera juice.  GREAT idea.  I’m calling it the game plan for now.

My second trip, one that I am on so so so excited about,  is to ATL FOR THE BRONNER BROTHERS INTERNATIONAL HAIR SHOW!!  At this point I’m fairly positive that Hotlanta’s humidity is going to pwn!!!1!!11!!! me, my curls, and I.  So I’ve really gotta come up with a good plan because I’m not about to show up looking all janky and disheveled to the largest hair world in the world where I will be doing live blogging and reporting on their natural workshops and features (oh yes. get excited).

After that I’ll be taking off for my homeland of Minneapolis, MN, also a hot and humid place in the summer time, so I’ve really gotta get a humidity plan down.  Not to mention that I plan on doing a lot of swimming while there, so I need to figure out how to deal with the chlorine sitch.

Minneapolis' Famed "Spoonbridge Cherry"

Any readers out there who dealing with dry or humid summers wanna hook me up with tips/tricks?

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  1. Moni permalink
    July 12, 2010 8:40 pm

    I just came back from a long weekend in Atlanta and wore my (past shoulder length) hair out the entire weekend. My hair looked great until it got sprinkled with water and beer by over-exuberant fans at the World Cup final yesterday. Last week I washed and deep conditioned my hair, then applied my leave-in conditioner (Giovanni Direct), moisturizer (QB Burdock Root Butter Cream), a light coat of shea butter (to seal in moisture and seal out gel), then gel (IC with sparklelites). I braided up my hair and pulled the braids back into a bun, then wore a braidout in Atlanta. My hair gradually got bigger while I was there, but still stayed defined and stretched until the game.

    It took a little trial and error over the past few weeks (in humid Michigan) to figure out right amount of gel so that my hair remained defined but still soft, not crunchy. I know it seems like a lot of products, but sealing with the shea really helps keep in moisture applied and seal out moisture in the air, as well as protect my hair from the drying effects of the gel. At night I just rebraided with a little vatika oil. Since I had detangled thoroughly and kept my hair stretched, rebraiding and unbraiding took no time at all.

    • July 19, 2010 1:36 pm

      ok…so gel is cool in the humidity? know anything about glycerin in humidity?

  2. Monique permalink
    July 13, 2010 10:58 am

    As a natural living in Atlanta I my recommendation would be to rock either a puff or a twistout. the humidity here is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced or can anticipate. Keep it simple and don’t apply too many products to your hair or else it will feel weighed down. Most of us here tend to rock lots of puffs and afros in the summer. I hope you enjoy your trip here!

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