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Maybe she’s born with it?

August 24, 2010

No for serious:  maybe I was born to be a natural hair blogger?  How so?  Well it’s all in my name….

Let me just start by saying that my name is not “Cassadie”, well… it’s technically not Cassadie.  It’s actually Cassidy and my middle name is Sadie.  So if you take off the -idy on my first name and skootch* up the Sadie BAM! you’ve got Cassadie!

(*As a native Minnesotan, I reserve the right use “skootch“.  Often.)

Cassadie, in my mind, is pronounced  “ca-SAY-dee” NOT “cass-uh-DIE”, which is what my dear roommate Ben thought was an online remnant of my angsty teenage AIM screen name (which actually was diva0233 thankyouverymuch).

Upon some online digging I discovered that not only is Cassadie a real name but it is also a derivative of Cassidy.   And not only are they both pretty much same name of Gaelic origin but they also have the same meaning: CURLY HEADED.  I mean… you can’t make this stuff up.  See?  And to think for so long I tried to deny my namesake.

Many ask me where my name came from.     Was it that Grateful Dead song?  No.  Butch and his Sundance Kid?  Negative.  David of the Partridge Family fame?  Keep trying.  Frankly, you’re not going to guess.  My name comes from Smart Women, a [surprisingly scandalous] adult novel by none other everyone’s favorite pre-teen novelista, Judy Blume.  My mom gave me the book this summer and after 15 chapters I found myself, well a tw0-dimensional iteration of myself; Judy’s Cassidy is the main-character’s preferred masseuse.  The excerpt via GoogleBooks:

There ya have it: I came into this world bald as a cue-ball, but having this name I was pretty much destined to rock and  celebrate curly-hair.  Hat tip to my mom and, of course, Judy B!

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