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From Frustration to Free Flowin’ Curls!

September 21, 2010

Back in June I received and responded to a letter from a desperate transitioner, Worn Out in SF, who was so fed up with the process of going natural that she questioned not only her ability to rock her natural, but also if “going natural” was for everybody.

Well guess who is three months natural and LOVING IT!  Seems like today she is less “Worn Out” and more “Wearin’ it Well”!  I wanted to share with you this letter and photos that this formerly frustrated transitioner turned full-fledged, fellow natural sent over to Natural Selection.

“I am only three months old and feelin’ fine.  I was so desperate when I wrote to the blog but now I am thrilled with how it is looking. And in just three months, all my edges have grown back and everything!  I liked having braids, but they can work a number on your edges.  And look at the back!  A sista’s kitchen had edged into the livingroom!  But now I have my full head of hair back.  I have even had to cut it already, and that is in addition to the “big chop”.  So I have had TWO haircuts in three months!  Amazing.

Thanks for encouraging me to stick with it.  I am thrilled.  And then men…whoa! They have lots to say.  More men comment on my hair now than they ever did when it was relaxed.  More women would tell me it looked nice when it was straight, but now it is all about the brothas…But there are lots of men who do not like it – men who might have approached me before, but that is ok too.  It all evens out in the co-wash.

Just gotta find a good way to go to the gym – don’t want to put product in it to work out, but when i take the sleep cap off, it is sort of matted.  Any suggestions?”

Doesn’t she look great!  It’s truly amazing how much of a difference “figuring out your hair” can make in a person’s attitude and demeanor!

And yes, I do have suggestions about the post-sleep cap helmet hair look: WATER!  Take a spray bottle and just spritz your hair, shake it out and roll!  Make sure to shake not finger fluff, because touching when in this wet state can cause frizz.  No product or a lot of fuss necessary!

Ah…The beauty of an empowered natural…

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